MUST SEE VIDEO from Gateway Pundit Twitter Space Friday, Jan. 20th From 7-10 pm Eastern with Liz Harrington, Kari Lake, Brandon Straka, David Clements, and Several J6 Political Prisoners

On Friday night THE GATEWAY PUNDIT held a Twitter Space on concentrating on Political Prosecution in America and the Weaponization of the Government. Since the time Donald Trump announced his run for president the corrupt DC machine worked to ruin him and take him down. From the Russia Hoax, to the disgusting prosecution of the […]

Germany’s energy crunch explained

Berlin keeps blaming the crisis on Russia, with the US trying to take advantage of the situation Germany has been struggling to meet its energy needs for around a year as it seeks to reduce what it calls a dependence on Russian energy imports. Berlin’s officials still blame the troubles their nation faces on Moscow […]

Teacher At U.S. Army Base Convicted of Sexually Abusing Children

A former elementary school teacher on a US  Army base has been convicted of sexually abusing four students. Stefan Zappey of Germany taught first through third grade at Patch Elementary School which is located on Patch Barracks in Stuttgart, Germany. Zappey was placed under investigation in 2020 when one of his former students reported Zappey […]

AOC says Biden border policies ‘replications’ of Trump-era rules

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized the White House for its recent announcement on immigration policies, which the Democratic politician said are “almost replications” of former President Donald Trump-era policies. In 2019, Ocasio-Cortez slammed Trump’s immigration policies, saying they are “about ethnicity and racism.” “Once you start telling American citizens to quote ‘go back to […]

Open Society President Malloch-Brown and Alexander Soros Meet with Brazil’s Fernando Haddad in Davos – The New Finance Minister of Communist Lula Regime

The Davos elites greeted members of the Communist Lula regime with open arms this week. Lula da Silva took over Brazil earlier this month after his tainted election victory over popular Brazilian nationalist Jair Bolsonaro. Critics are already calling the past month in Brazil the worst communist takeover of a country ever. The hardliner regime […]