Former presidents asked to check for classified records

The National Archives is calling on former presidents and vice presidents to verify that no classified materials are in their files. Meanwhile, FBI Director Christopher Wray issued a warning about the handling of classified information, and CBS News has learned more details about the materials found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s home. Robert Costa […]

Nebraska legislator pushes no-permit concealed carry bill

A Nebraska lawmaker is taking another shot at trying to pass a bill that would not only allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit, it would prohibit the state’s cities and counties from issuing local laws to do so within their borders. Sen. Tom Brewer, of Gordon, defended the bill in a hearing […]

Biden slams critics who don’t think U.S. can lead the world in manufacturing

President Biden boasted to union workers in Virginia on Thursday that during his first two years in office, 750,000 manufacturing jobs were created in the U.S., slamming anyone who says America cannot lead the world in manufacturing again. The president traveled to Springfield, Virginia, to speak at the Steamfitters Union Hall, taking shots at Republicans […]

WATCH: KILLER Attack Ad Decimates Ronna Romney McDaniel for Her Horrific Record As RNC Chair and Spending Millions on Private Jets, Booze, Cosmetics – VOTE IS TOMORROW

Ronna lets Democrats take the House A new ad from American Liberty Fund, written by investigative reporter Laura Loomer, exposes Ronna Romney McDaniel for the grifting fraudster she is. NEW ALF AD: “RETIRE RONNA ROMNEY” I wrote this ad for American Liberty Fund and helped produce it with our talented team. Please watch and share […]