Thomas More Society To Defend 2020 Michigan GOP Electors in Junk Lawsuit Brought About by Angry Democrats Following Election

100 Percent Fed Up reports- In a world abuzz with bank closings and Leftist Groups Tapping $1 Billion To Expand Private Financing of Public Elections…in a world where both chambers of the Democrat-controlled Legislature appear hell-bent on trampling our Constitutional rights and pretty much every considered amendment to the timeworn document, constructed to preserve our unalienable […]

FINALLY! Hope For Parents Who Don’t Want Their Children Exposed to”Rogue Sex-Education” In School…Here’s How Michigan’s Great Schools Initiative (GSI) Is Leading The Way

All across America, parents are going on offense to fight back against radical sexual ideologies and gender identity agendas in K-12 schools. 100 Percent Fed Up guest author Dr. Becky Behrends reports – In Michigan, a grassroots organization known as the Great Schools Initiative (GSI) is at the forefront of this fight. GSI is a non-profit organization […]

Elon Musk amplifies false claim that Jan. 6 video was ‘censored’

A conservative commentator with a substantial Twitter following went viral late last week by making false claims about the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 — and Twitter owner Elon Musk amplified some of the misinformation, pushing it to millions of people.

Doctor explains ‘alarming’ new CDC report

Deputy Dean of Public Health at Brown University Dr. Megan Ranney breaks down a new CDC report that shows that the nation’s maternal death rate rose significantly in 2021, with the rates among Black women more than twice as high as those of White women.