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UPDATE: Gay Activist Couple Who Sexually Abused Adopted Sons Having A Rough Time In Prison

The journalist who first broke the story on William Dale Zulock and Zachary Jacoby Zulock’s malevolent alleged crimes released the final part of her investigation on Friday. In her essay, Mia Cathell unveils how William and Zachary are handling life behind bars.

Cathell, as her Twitter thread will later show, illustrates that the two accused child predators are having different types of experiences. Zachary is being subject to what is known as “jail justice,” a type of treatment inmates regularly give to those suspected of having abused innocent children. William, on the other hand, is whining about the prison food and has lost a significant amount of weight.

Cathell on Tuesday first revealed the disturbing details behind William and Zachary’s suspected sexual abuse of their adopted sons and the child sex ring they allegedly operated in the Atlanta suburbs. The next day she released details on their known co-conspirators.

Her third essay focused on how an adoption agency working with the state of Georgia failed the innocent children and allowed them to fall into the hands of these two evil men.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that both men were accused of making porn with the children. The children were rescued and taken by officials.

Here is Cathell’s thread:

Part 4 of the Zulock series details what jail’s like for these two alleged child rapists in “maximum security.”

We have taped jailhouse calls and screenshots of their pre-trial text conversations (Yes, they’re given digital tablets) from behind bars.

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell) January 20, 2023

Zachary seems to be experiencing “jail justice.”

“Umm, I think someone put something in my drink…” Zachary, who suspects he was slipped his cellmate’s prescription drug “for nightmares,” said over the phone. “It made…everything go numb. I couldn’t move my hands.”

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell) January 20, 2023

“its not my fault that i got drugged,” Zachary texted. “i still need to go to a hospital for stroke evaluation.”

He visited the jail’s medical wing, where a nurse gave him a Benadryl. After alerting the jail staff, Zachary said he was threatened twice by the cellmate.

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell) January 20, 2023

“he needs to get me out,” Zachary texted, pleading for his criminal defense lawyer to “work [out] a deal.”

“tell DA that I want an ankle monitor, and if required, a low bond,” demanded Zachary, who was told that the judge would “laugh him” out of the courtroom.

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell) January 20, 2023

“I mean, I guess the only thing I can ask for is if you can just pray at least, regardless,” Zachary requested.

The co-defendant said that he bought a Bible from the jail’s bookstore, which he’s been “re-reading…’cause it’s a lot to take in the first time you read it.”

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell) January 20, 2023

Meanwhile, William is in the “offenders rec.”

Gang members, drug dealers, and murderers bunk together in William’s dormitory, “but they’re not allowed in our rec because if they touch us, they get assault charges,” he said.

“I’m one of the least troubled ones in here.”

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell) January 21, 2023

William, who’s lactose intolerant and cannot consume any dairy products in jail, complained about the soy patties and bologna-and-cheese sandwiches for lunch: “I don’t even know a dog would eat these bologna sandwiches. That’s how low-grade the meat is.”

“This place is a joke.”

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell) January 21, 2023

“Pfft, yesterday was miserable,” William said after seeing the 17-count indictment documents.

“All I can say is, umm, I don’t want to say it, but brace yourself for the truth,” William weeped over the phone. “Okay? Just don’t give up on us.”

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell) January 21, 2023

William said he’s “really worried” about Zachary’s mental well-being in the slammer: “Tell him I love him when you talk to him…I haven’t missed a single day that I tell him goodnight.”

“Oh yeah,” Zachary dismissed William’s love note, after it was relayed by a relative.

— Mia Cathell (@MiaCathell) January 21, 2023

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